About us


Your beard makes a statement. Does it make the statement you want to make?

Hans Manly Care is dedicated to helping bearded men create and maintain their look, especially when it comes to keeping your facial hair in line. There are too many substandard products available for beardsmen, and Hans Manly Care is happy to fill that gap, offering well-made, effective products designed for guys who truly care about their beards.

Our products are created from high-quality ingredients that will soothe and delight your beard and facial skin. All our products are licensed through the Israeli Health Ministry.

We take our name from the world’s longest beard ever recorded, kept by a guy named Hans. At the time of his death, his beard measured an impressive 17 feet long, and is currently kept by the Smithsonian Institute. He embodies a true and dedicated beardsman, and he’s our absolute hero.

We’ve created beard and hair products that we’re proud of and use ourselves, and we think you’ll be highly satisfied with your Hans purchase and your beard will thank you for giving it the attention every beard demands.